If you’re working in any of the creative disciplines, whether it’s music, ceramics, theater, or web site production, then you’ve probably found yourself in a unique tax situation.

A&E Tax Service, Inc.®, founded by Michael Davidson in 1992, serves this distinctive clientele. After many years in the Arts and Entertainment business himself, from promotion and production of shows, to stage management and stage hand work, he has a great deal of first-hand experience running a small business in the arts world and is intimately familiar with the complicated tax laws for these types of enterprises. Michael realized that many of his peers did not use these laws to their best advantage, nor was there much small business expertise available for the arts community.

The business has grown and evolved over the years to encompass people beyond the theater where Michael had his roots. Many of our clients are visual, ceramic, or video artists as well as purveyors of intellectual property and other small businesses. Our clients participate in and appreciate Arts and Entertainment.

And more: Our staff brings broad personal and professional experience to the task. Our knowledge bases and personalities overlap and complement as well as contrast. We are as diverse as our client base. To learn more…

The A&E Team


RebeccaRebecca came to A&E in 2007 as an office assistant while completing her education at PSU. Little did she know that her future would be in taxes! Rebecca is currently an Enrolled Agent and Licensed Tax Consultant. Her inquisitive mind lends itself well to tax work; she enjoys taking the many puzzle pieces that make up a return, putting them together, and presenting a clear picture that clients can understand and build from. Whether it is an individual, business or exempt organization return — Rebecca strives for excellence in customer service, timely communication and attention to detail. When not in the office, Rebecca enjoys photography, fashion and travel, but her true loves are her husband Darren and their beautiful family.


Stephen ForbushBehind every great artist, there is a man making sure the frame hangs straight. Stephen Forbush is that man. With a passion for film and cinema, Stephen has a background in providing project management and technical support for directors, animators, and software designers. As our Systems Administrator, Stephen uses his remarkable technological acumen to ensure that our software applications run smoothly and reliably.  In this realm, his prowess is legendary, and he is frequently compared to “Bill Gates in his prime, only better looking.” [Citation Needed]

When Stephen is not busy fixing computers or developing next-generation Artificial Intelligence, he can be found enjoying the treasured Oregon wilderness.  In addition to being an avid skier and hiker, Stephen’s knowledge of Oregon’s back-country is unparalleled.  He has single-handedly saved a group of school children from a rabid grizzly bear, and has been known to clear fallen timber with nothing but his bare hands.  Although he has no children, he can frequently be seen with a highly-trained flock of bald eagles, which he has raised from birth.


Jack ArmstrongJack is a reformed chef who spent 6 years cooking professionally before attending business school at Western Oregon University. Outside of the office you’ll find him cheering on Arsenal (and the Timbers of course), hitting the links, and exploring Portland’s ever expanding food scene with his wife and English bulldog.


At A & E Tax Service, we strive to provide our clients with a complete package of financial services. Our office collaborates with many other firms and professionals to ensure that we have a holistic approach to your financial well-being. Sarah Prevost of Mintage Labs can frequently be found around the office, so stop by and say hello!